With a simple internet search for “upcycle clothing” or “up-cycle fabric” you can find a variety of books, websites, blogs, and YouTube videos with tutorials, tips, and inspiration for up cycling and repurposing clothing.  Some of our favorites:



Fixing Fashion   A website dedicated to helping reduce fashion waste with helpful tutorials on fixing and repurposing clothing.

Fashion Wanderer – a sewing website that contains basic sewing tips as well as ideas and how-tos for transforming old clothes.
Visible Mending – Focuses on visible mending as “codesign” using verve and nerve and glaringly obvious thread, to value and preserve what you already have.
Repair What you Wear – a YouTube channel that teaches and inspires anyone to mend their clothes.


You can click on the links to go to Amazon, but see if you can check them out at your local library, or buy them at your local independent bookstore.

Mend: A Refashioning Manual and Manifesto by Kate Sekeles  

Darning, Repair, Make, Mend   Why hide a repair when you can celebrate it.  This book is a is a step-by-step guide to visible repairs by Hikaru Noguchi, a guru of visible darning in Japan.
Wear, Repair, Repurpose  This illustrated guide to mending and upcycling gives step-by-step instructions and covers a range of projects – from darning a sock to making a rag rug.
Refashioned   This is a book of inspiring upcycled eye-candy.  The book  features 46 international designers who work with recycled materials and discarded garments to create fashion clothing and accessories.
Mending Matters:  Stitch, Patch, and Repair your Favorite Denim & More   Not only are there projects for visible mending, but the author explores how mending leads to a more mindful relationship with our clothing.
Make Thrift Mend: Stitch, Patch, Darn, Plant-Dye & Love Your Wardrobe   Another inspiring book by Katrina Rodabaugh that teaches how to build and maintain a wardrobe that matters.
Wayward Threads:  Techniques and Ideas for Upcycling Unloved or Discarded Garments   This book has inspiration and projects for simple-structured garments using vintage table linens and worn garments.