We have created this tool to help educate consumers about local fiber production as it helps promote the producers and products within the region.

The Product Checklist lists where each part and process of a natural fiber product originated or was performed. It is patterned off of the “fiber cycle” illustrated in the Soil to Soil Fibershed diagram.

Our goal is to teach our Fibershed’s consumers about how these products are produced, as we work toward an absolutely locally sourced Chesapeake Fibershed product. We see this as an iterative process—and a way for us to honor the infrastructure in nearby fibersheds, which have infrastructure we are eager to support, as we work toward locally produced textiles. 

Not all stages of fabrication or material sources must originate in the Chesapeake Fibershed; the goal is to highlight for consumers how items and garments are fabricated and to celebrate their natural components.

The first producer to make use of the tag is Solitude Wool, a yarn company based in Round Hill, Virginia, for a woven woolen throw. At right is the inside of the tag for this product, and below is an image of the throws.

Chesapeake Fibershed producers and makers may apply for checklists to attach to products by completing and returning this form. Upon approval, producers/makers will be sent tags, and we will then post images and contact information for those products on our website.