Takoma Park, Maryland

Jeff Struewing



After a few years of amateur furniture making, in late 2016 I purchased a lathe and have been turning pieces almost exclusively ever since. I make a wide range of utilitarian pieces and also do more abstract artistic objects. Utilitarian pieces that come into contact with food (bowls, platters, insides of salt & pepper shakers) are finished with food-safe oil finishes from Tried & True (triedandtruewoodfinish.com) or pure walnut oil. Spoons and spatulas are finished with either walnut oil or mineral oil and beeswax. Some pieces are buffed with the Beall system (bealltool.com) of food-safe abrasive and carnuba wax compounds.

In late 2021 I met a member of the Chesapeake Fibershed and we began a rewarding collaboration, exchanging shavings & dyes, techniques, and tools of our trades. With her input, I began making darning eggs, niddy noddys, and drop spindles. Upon meeting another Fibershed member, I made wooden buttons. One of the nicest aspects of woodturning is that virtually all the starting material comes locally from our abundance of trees, and certainly anything I make for fiber artists will come from the Chesapeake Watershed. I would be happy to work with any Fibershed member to craft items out of wood, particularly if it comes from a member’s farm.