The Fuzzy Ear

Gloucester, Virginia

Contact:  Lorraine and Peter Hanson


The Fuzzy EAR is a licensed English Angora rabbitry in Gloucester, VA.

As the rabbitry has expanded, so has our variety of rabbits. In addition to our fiber rabbits (English, French, and Satin Angoras), we have added “non-fiber, strictly therapy” rabbits (French, American Fuzzy, and Holland lops). Our dual mission is to share our love & knowledge of rabbits to the general public through outreach education & therapy and to share the ancient art of spinning and other fiber related skills and techniques to ensure the craft continues on through future generations.  We sell angora fiber, yarn and finished goods.

We have taken our rabbits into schools, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, various festivals, farmers markets, stores (non-food) & even to work to share the beauty and relaxing calm that rabbits exude.