Solitude Wool

Round Hill, Virginia



Solitude Wool creates breed specific yarns and fiber. We source fleece exclusively from small farms in the Chesapeake Fibershed. Started in 2006 by Loudoun County, Virginia shepherds who love wool. Our mission is to promote sheep of many breeds and support sustainable agriculture. We strive to excite and educate knitters, spinners and all makers with yarns that feel alive and retain the character of the fleece and type of wool. We are an Official Fiber Provider for the Livestock Conservancy’s Shave ’em to Save ’em Initiative. All our yarns are completely CF grown fibers and a few are spun in the Fibershed and dyed with local  natural dyes to be completely CF qualified. Look for the CF code in the varient name on our website or the CF sticker on skein labels.