Shepherds Corner Farm

Purcellville, Virginia



Shepherds Corner Farm is home to Rebecca Brouwer, a fiber artist creating work inspired by her summer travels and a variety of fiber art techniques.  Using Gotland fiber and a selection of natural materials cultivated from her farm, Rebecca enjoys working with her wool and learning ways to bring out the natural beauty of the fiber.  Gotland fiber is well known to hand spinners, and it also knits, crochets and weaves up beautifully.  Rebecca has found it felts equally as well and predominantly uses a needle felting machine to create most of her products.

Rebecca started her life on a farm in the midwest and her creative endeavors are informed by the agrarian lifestyle she knew as a child.   She and her husband, Dennis, live at the farm, which consists of two horses, a flock of Gotland sheep, pastures of grass to feed them, many trees, gardens, and other vegetation teeming with wildlife.  Her mantra is Wind, Water, Wildlife and Weeds.  On the farm there is always something trying to creep in and put down roots, make a home or sometimes Mother Nature is just showing you who’s the boss.  Rebecca’s approach is to let things balance out naturally.  After 22 years, Shepherds Corner Farm has a pretty healthy ecosystem with a full spectrum of flora and fauna.  Studio visits by appointment.


Rebecca Brouwer