Owl Moon Farm

Lexington, Virginia


Rebecca Almy




Since learning to knit as an adult, Becky Almy has fallen more and more deeply in love with all things wool. Wool long johns. Wool socks. Wool hats. Over ten years ago she ditched her polyester fleece jacket and swapped it for a wool one, and never looked back.  Amy firmly believes wool is the answer to most questions. Cold? Put on some wool. Sweaty feet? Switch to wool socks. Coffee mug burning your hand? Add a wool cozie made from an old sweater. When her kids were wearing cloth diapers, they wore wool diaper covers, day and night. Warm in winter, cool in summer, waterproof, stink-proof, self-cleansing.  “I’m telling you – wool is awesome.”

Come visit the farm where you’ll find Romeldale/CVM sheep, yarn and fleeces, farm-fresh eggs, fresh organic breads, and homemade apothecary items. You can also book a stay in our Granary guest house located on our historic 100 acre farm.  With its idyllic location, our cottage provides a unique setting that is perfect for your visit to the scenic Shenandoah Valley.