Basking Meadow Farm

Woodbine, Maryland

Jennifer Smith


Jennifer Smith has been raising sheep since 2013, when she purchased three Border Leicester ewes from Roclans Farm in Pennsylvania. She has been knitting for many years, but had no experience with sheep. With the encouragement and guidance of many local shepherds to whom she is ever-grateful, she began taking classes to learn about breeding, healthcare, pasture management, shearing, fiber preparation and classing, spinning, and dyeing wool. With her background in botany, she wishes to continue learning how natural dye plants can be grown on her property and made available to others. Jennifer’s flock has since grown to nine Border Leicester and Bluefaced Leicester cross ewes, who wear coats throughout the year to protect their wool. The award-winning fleeces grown by these sheep yield long, lustrous, durable fiber that can be used for garments and other home products.