Natural Dyes – Where to begin

There’s a lot of information about using natural dyes.  With so many books, blogs, and workshops available it seems a bit daunting to figure out where to start.  To the rescue comes our own Janet Garman of Timber Creek Farm who will be the featured speaker at the July 18 Chesapeake Fibershed online meet-up.

Janet is a long time homesteader who raises fiber animals on her farm in Maryland.  She has her fiber processed and spun into yarn and many of you may have seen her beautiful Free Range Yarn on her Etsy site.   Although she started her yarn business with offerings of naturally colored yarns, after being introduced to natural dyes about ten years ago she started experimenting and developed her own methods for creating and using natural dyes on wool.   She now shares that experience in an online course and dye workbook and will be giving us a short demonstration on how we can start on this beautiful natural dye journey.

Janet blogs about her farming experiences on her website and has an excellent article on how you can grow natural dyes for wool in your back yard garden.  I was delighted to read that the marigolds and coneflowers in my yard have the potential to dye wool and I’m sure you will find something in your yard that will work well.  In addition to reading the article, you can meet Janet and learn how to set up a basic natural dye pot at the July meet up.   Click here to view the recording, or click play below:



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