Seed Stories: Hopi Sunflower Dye Plants

In our fibershed there are some twenty varieties of sunflower growing wild–some are native and some have traveled from pocket or packet to become a part of our wilder and cultivated landscapes.  The fresh flowers of many species can be used to create vibrant yellow dyes.  Beyond our region and throughout the US there are […]

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Fibershed & Regenerative Agriculture by Lauren Lovejoy

Regenerative Agriculture is a term that you have probably heard but what does it mean and how is it good for you and our fibershed? Regenerative agriculture is about focusing on soil health.  Improvement in soil health can be achieved with a variety of practices including: Rotational grazing Use of cover crops No tilling Integration […]

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Make do and Mend

Upcycling and recycling clothing is a trend these days but it’s not a new concept.  Before fast fashion became the norm, mending and repurposing clothing and home textiles were common practices for most people.  The “Make Do and Mend” campaign initiated by the British government during World War II urged people to get the last […]

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Local wool – Where does it go? By Martha Polkey and Gretchen Frederick

There isn’t one answer.  Some small-scale fiber producers harvest their wool clip for sale to fiber enthusiasts; a few have a soup-to-nuts operation, transforming their farms’ fiber into finished products that they then market. One or two have launched into a farm-branded fabric with designers producing high-end goods for the luxury market. But the majority […]

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